What is Netricity?

Netricity is a virtualization platform in the cloud. Your organization will profit from all the advantages of virtualization without the investment in knowledge or technology.

Your organization must always up and running. And whether you are a small or large company with small or big IT budgets, a lot of or little technical expertise the same principal counts for your processes, applications and systems. They should also always be up and running.

Dynamic Infrastructure

In an ideal IT-infrastructure your means should always be in line with your needs. You use what you need and you can respond rapid and flexible. Netricity brings that dynamic infrastructure within your reach. And now also you can take benefit of the advantages like:

Improved system performance
Higher availability
Scalable resources
Easier maintenance
Lower costs

What makes Netricity unique?

Netricity is an online virtualization solution that you can used in different scenarios. With Netricity you decide when and how much processing power, memory and storage you want to use. You don’t have to invest anything in technical knowledge or technology: you pay what you use.

The Netricity platform is of very high quality and designed and created by 2AT from The Netherlands. The entire platform is completely redundant equipped with alternative option to a second location, and is provided with the latest technologies for hot spares, host clustering and load balancing.

You can use Netricity as a public cloud, so you have your entire virtualization platform outside your organization. But you can also choose to have an internal or hybride cloud, where you in some degree you build your own virtualization platform within your organization.

Interested in Netricity?

Business scenario

Netricity provided the intranet’s test- and production environment for the Hogeschool van Amsterdam – Economie and Management/HES, named HESnet and for the next three years takes care of hosting this environment.

HvA Economie and Magement/HES chose Netricity because:

The flexibility of the solution
The technical knowledge of 2AT
The short duration of the project